Caricatures and portraits in color

Portraits and caricatures in pencil and in color, of various sizes, are made on commission. Caricatures can be made on request, starting from a photo. I also participate in weddings as entertainment, passing between the tables during dinner.

I have made caricatures and portraits of many people, some of which I have personally delivered including actors, famous musicians, theatrical actors: Luciano ligabue, Francesco Baccini, Corinne Clery, Alessandro Paci and Kagliostro, Novello Novelli, Roberto Calcaterra, Spalletti, Polo Ruffini etc… Some of these portraits and caricatures are in color, others in black and white, are small in size A4 and in large A3 size, some are 50X70 cm. The caricature of Alessandro Paci, Kagliostro and Ceccherini was made by computer.

The caricatures for “MM production” in Rome are caricatures of all the collaborators and workers within the production of Milan, they make films and advertisements nationally and internationally.


  • Ritratto di Valentino rossi a matita - Dimitri Gori
  • Ritratto a matita - Charlie Chaplin - Dimitri Gori


  • Caricatura di Finaz a matita - Dimitri Gori

Live caricatures

Caricature of a couple in felt-tip pen on paper in Certaldo Alto

Caricatures for parties and events

Caricatures for weddings

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