Batman animation work for Nokia Dc

23 February 2009

Patrick Piazzalunga and Dimitri Gori are the two inkers from Certaldo who participated in the creation of the motion comics relating to Barman’s latest film “The Dark Knight”. The title of this work is “The Shadow of Ra’s Al Ghul”, produced exclusively for Nokia, involving DC Comics and Warner Bros.

“Batman: The Shadow of Ra’s Al Ghul” is a motion comics, something between a comic and an animated clip, produced by Nokia DC. The story was written by the legendary Dennis O’Neil, and the drawings were made by Giuseppe Camuncoli (together with Lorenzo Ruggiero and Pako Massimo), the inking work (together with Patrick Piazzalunga and Dimitri Gori), while the colors were made by Fabio D’Auria with Andres Mossa and Micaela Tangorra.

So two people from Certaldo collaborated in the creation of this motion comics, visible on the internet and with the possibility of downloading it on a mobile phone. “It was a great opportunity for us – explain Piazzalunga and Gori – the work was very demanding but the final result was very satisfying
The NY-studio base of Patria provided the animation of the images. Credits can be found at the end of the last clip, just like an end-of-film titles. And there are also the names of the two Certaldesi.
This story takes place between director Christopher Nolan’s first and second film (Batman Begins and The Dark Night) who saw the comic, and was very pleased with the overall quality of the work done.

Source Gonews

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